November, 30 2018 /The Russian Herald/ Politics, Law & Society

US Army is losing a battle against terrorism and fraud contractors such as Tony Abi Saab in Afghanistan

 Accused arms dealer Tony Abi Saab is winning US contracts through his shell companies

Even after 17 years of war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iran, US can’t recount a single victory over terrorists without grieving over the wasteful use of money. The military spending is not often being questioned or put into interrogation but the regular cases of fraud and abuse of hundreds of millions of dollars by the contractors have thrown light on the epidemic.

The inability by the US Army towards the threat of corrupt defence contractors working overseas have ultimately weakened the power of military forces deployed in war lands. The corrupt Lebanese contractor, Tony Abi Saab is selling weapons to terrorist organisations in Syria, Libya and Iran just for the sake of profit.

Both Lebanese contractors, Tony and Raymond are allegedly running numbers of ghost companies and smuggling weapons to the country at war. Raymond Azar is a convicted criminal who was charged with bribery and fraud against the US. He is the president of Sima Salazar group which was earlier awarded over 150 million of dollars of contracts from the US Army, but none after he was exposed. Raymond’s company had a close link with Tony Abi Saab’s Tactica Ltd that was purchasing arms commercially and selling them to terrorist groups in Syria.

Tony Abi Saab is also the president of BME, an arms dealer company based in Lebanon which is also considered as his main company. Apart from this, Tony operates several of his shell companies mostly based in Europe and Lebanon. Some of the business partners of Tony are Umarex gmbh & co KG (Germany), Noble france sa (France) and Benelli Armi, franchi division (Italy). According to the official sources Tony himself supervises these companies. He uses the fake identity of these companies for swindling and receiving US Army contracts and also to supply weapons to the terrorists.

Unfortunately, the fraud of Tony Abi Saab was not exposed during BME trial in the US for which Dinorah Cobos was caught and sent to jail on charges of bribery. Despite Dinorah being caught red-handed in a sting operation created by CIA and US Army she was released with minimal penalty.  Tony managed a narrow escape for Dinorah from the clutches of authority by making a plea of human rights violations and flawed interrogation by the US team. But it cannot be denied that he conspired to take bribery from the FBI informant disguised as a US Army contractor. Also, the fact remains that the international evidence the team collected during their investigation against Tony was valid in Afghanistan but invalid in the civil court of the US, he took its advantage to turn the case into his own favour.

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