February, 28 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Tony Abi Saab – a man behind 5 million dollars fraud and arms trafficking

Accused arms dealer Tony Abi Saab is still doing business through Brescia Middle East (BME), even after getting banned in the US

The corrupt contractors are the outcome of lack of strict rules, several years of negligence, and loopholes in the government policies. One such fraudulent businessman, Tony Abi Saab, owner of Lebanese based company – Brescia Middle East, defrauded the US Army for 5 Million USD for the false contract work in Afghanistan and without delivering it.

Tony is a shady arms dealer and has a valid license to deal in arms and ammunition through his company Brescia Middle East, except the US where the company has been banned for doing business. He owns numerous shell companies and uses them to get US contracts. Through these fake shell companies, Tony smuggles weapons to the terrorist groups and earns tax-free profit out of it.

Abi Saab’s misconduct and fraud was revealed after a global sting operation done by the FBI and the US Army. He was implicated along with his girlfriend, Dinorah Cobos a.k.a Sarah Lee who was caught red-handed with money and important documents. It was proved that Tony did a money laundering of a million dollars with the help of his banker friend. The US officials flew his girlfriend for a trial in a civil court where he made a plea for torture and human rights violation. Dinorah was sent to jail for 2 years, whereas Tony closely escaped from the clutches of authorities due to a technicality in the circuit court by paying a minimum amount of fine.

Tony has a valid visa and travels the world without any fear. He still gets contracts from the government by using his ghost companies established in various parts of Europe. The US should try once again tracing valid proofs against him and make him stand in a military court instead of civil court. If it is proved that he is a convict in a military court, he will definitely get a harsh punishment and be put behind bars. An example will be set, and people like Tony Abi Saab will think twice before committing any frauds and helping terrorist groups.

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