March, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

United Nations should start monitoring the illegal arms traders

Tony Abi Saab is full fledgling acting like a villain of modern society who is destroying the peace

Tony is a shady arms dealer and his company Brescia Middle East sells guns and small weapons to the terrorist groups. Through his complicated network of shell companies, he smuggles weapons to the terrorist groups and pockets the profit.

Tony Abi Saab fraud was revealed after a global sting operation by the FBI and the US Army. He was caught with cash and valuable documents. US officials flew him to Washington DC for a trial in the civil court and here he made a plea for torture and human rights violation.

Tony is controlling the legal defense in Lebanon and is well aware of the loopholes in the US legal procedure. He made a plea against CIA citing illegal arrest, torture and even distorted evidence.

The evidence collected from the international countries against Tony was invalid in the civil court of the US but strong and valid in Afghanistan. The shrewd businessman escaped from the grip of authorities with an apology and minimum amount of fine. His company, Brescia Middle East (BME), however, was banned from doing business in the United States.

The fraudster still roams free and gets contracts from the government by using his shell companies established in Italy, Germany and other parts of Europe. Some of his business partners and associates are Umarex gmbh & co KG (Germany), Noble france sa (France), Benelli Armi, franchi division (Italy), Osmanli Arms, Istanbul, and Konya Turkey, Emran arms, Banglades, Lobastov Ivan, Baikal Ltd, Izhevsk city (Russia), etc.

Globalization needs to be managed by the United Nations Organisation and member states. Monitoring globalization is difficult, but serious action can help to control people like Tony who is a threat to the world.

Chief Editor