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Contractor corruption and fraud in Afghanistan is a prime source of concern for US Army

Tony Abi Saab funded terrorists, routed millions and walked away without delivering on the contract and minimal penalty.

Poor banking practices by a responsible Lebanese bank assists weapons dealer Tony Abi Saab to launder money and smuggle weapons

Lebanon has allowed Tony Abi Saab to launder and hide million in Global Weapons Fraud 

Accused Arms dealer Tony Abi Saab of Brescia Middle East continues to supply weapons to the rival factions fighting in the Middle East and elsewhere for profit and extremist ideology

Tony Abi Saab continues to travel to Europe despite smuggling European weapons to rival factions in the Middle East

Non State Actors funding operation in Lebanon via front company Brescia Middle East

Alleged fraudsters are fuelling conflicts around the world via a sophisticated network of shell companies

European Union can stop mass migration and future wars in Africa and Middle East by monitoring arms dealer, Tony Abi Saab

EU can take action to stop weapons shipments that have been purposefully rerouted to terrorist organisations

US Army is losing a battle against terrorism and fraud contractors such as Tony Abi Saab in Afghanistan

 Accused arms dealer Tony Abi Saab is winning US contracts through his shell companies

Fraud and Corruption Mars the Shadowy Contractor Brescia Middle East corruption in US governed Afghanistan

As usual, corrupt contractors are neutralising the US military’s efforts in Afghanistan

Tony Abi Saab a man behind 5 million dollars fraud and arms trafficking

The corrupt contractors are the outcome of lack of strict rules, several years of negligence, and loopholes in the government policies. One such fraudulent businessman, Tony Abi Saab, owner of Lebanese based company – Brescia Middle East, defrauded the US Army for 5 Million USD for the false contract work in Afghanistan and without delivering it.

Who is supplying weapons to the warring sides in Syria

Syria's rebel groups acquire their weapons and ammunition through various means, including the black market, battlefield capture, improvised factories, and shipments paid for by individuals, groups and foreign governments. As told to BBC, representatives of the main rebel umbrella group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), have said that the vast majority of its weaponry has been bought on the black market or seized from government facilities.

Terrorists in Syria and Iran are helped by corrupt businessmen

Business tycoon, Tony Abi Saab is a Lebanon-native who deals in arms through his front company Brescia Middle East. He is a greedy and selfish businessman who has no humanity left. Despite knowing the condition of Syria where ISIS group is brutally killing civilians, Tony Abi Saab sold them pistols and machine guns through two of his shell companies Brixia and Tactica Ltd. Syria is suffering more because of the people like Tony who are helping rebellions with arms and weapons for a profit.